Face & Body Painter     ~ Lisa Flora




Lisa Flora is a professional face painter, a muralist, and a nanny. She has 11 years of painting experience and has worked as both a nanny and a daycare assistant for over 8 years. Lisa spent 3 years in the ArtQuest program in Santa Rosa, CA and attended the Oxbow School of Art in Napa, CA.

She began face painting as a fun hobby, but very quickly found a passion for the unique art. She paints for private parties, festivals, club events, corporate parties, conventions and childrens functions, and specializes in high quality face and body painting designs. Lisa has traveled all over California and Oregon, painting at festivals such as the Beloved Sacred Arts & Music Festival, Mystic Garden Gathering, Mystic Garden Gathering, Earth Dance, Harmony festival, Raindance Campout, and Mendocino Rejuvenation Festival. Lisa offers face painting services at her homebase of Santa Cruz, CA and is also available for special events in the South Bay and Monterey Bay Area!

Glitter Tattoo & Henna Artist ~ Julia Miho Nakamura




Julia, pictured left wearing her own amazing t-shirt design, is a Santa Cruz based professional henna aritst. Julia works with children as a teacher in Santa Cruz, and is available for parties and events in the South Bay Area for henna body art and freehand glitter tattoos.

“The intricacy of traditional henna designs has never failed to amaze me. The combinations of a few basic repeating patterns are truly infinite and I have always found solace and peace with these never-ending creations. I am a self-taught artist and love working with henna paste and other types of mediums (canvas, acrylic, pen & ink, body art paints and tattoo design) to create self-expressive art all based on perfect flow and movement within the design itself. Merging this, with ancient traditional henna patterning, to achieve something the eye looses itself within is my ultimate goal. I also LOVE photography and see this as just another way to express myself. – Julia Miho”

Facepainter ~ Connie Flora


Connie Flora is a talented face painter and jewelry designer with a passion for making kids happy! She has been painting and making art for 9 years and studied in the Artquest program for two years. Connie has also worked closely with children for many years as a nanny and day care assistant. When she discovered face painting, she was thrilled to be able to find a way to combine her creative talents with her love for children. Connie currently lives in Santa Cruz and is available for events all over the South Bay, Santa Cruz County, and the Monterey Bay!

Face Painter  ~ Jenny Holladay




Jenny Holladay is an artist, singer and professional face painter.  She taught elementary music, art and physical education in the Oakland Unified School district and has over 10 years experience working with children as a camp counselor, nanny and teacher. She has been a professional face painter for 5 years, and has painted faces and provided glitter tattoos at The Santa Cruz Boardwalk and Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay and many private events and birthday parties in the Bay Area. Jenny’s homebase is in the Santa Cruz Mountains. She is available for private parties and events in Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, and South Bay Area!